Meditation, Yog(a)


Thanks to the Universe. Thanks to the nature. Thanks to god. Thanks to what name it ever appears.

Even when we feel lost, when it seems our family and friends left us alone, even than I know you are taking care of us. People are coming and going. Sometimes it’s your best friend who’s giving you the advice what brings you forward, sometimes a totally stranger, you just met and sometime you’ll find the solution, listen silently, in yourself.

If everyone went away from us, it shows us that we lost our way. It is our challenge to turn around and listen to you, our heart, to find the way back in the right direction.  Thank you for that challenges, only that can let us grow.

We’re making mistakes, we don’t have to blame ourself for that. It’s part of a big learning process. Forgive yourself and love yourself, you’re already perfect and got the nameless knowledge. The universe is in yourself. Just take a look on the beauty and secrets of the human body. You are nature. You are god.

Take control over your mind, over your thoughts. You’re much more than that.

In love to everyone.


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