5 Tips for more Selflove

Love yourself. Do you enjoy spending time with yourself? It’s the most important thing. How often do we push, punish and judge ourself?  You are the most important person in your life. It’s said before you don’t truly love yourself you are not able to love others.

So here are some tips and ways to see your own divine beauty.

1.  Forgive yourself

We all make mistakes. Actually they are really important. They help us to learn and grow and lead us to the right way. But how often do we judge and punish ourself for this mistakes? Even for the small things, we tell ourself, that we are lazy, not successful enough, dumb, ugly and much more.

Put an end to that. Yes you did a mistake. And it was meant to be. The best thing to do is now, to try your best to do it different the next time. There is no need to punish yourself again and again. Forgive yourself. It is alright to make mistakes. Nobody is perfect. Allow yourself this and then let the negative thoughts about yourself go. You are still beautiful and awesome.

2. Protect yourself

You choose with whom you surrounding yourself. Sometimes there are people in our life, who are just simply not good for ourself. They are sucking our positiv energy and letting us think we are doing everything wrong. There are so many ways of manipulation. Be aware! Is one person in your life always dragging you down, even when you felt good before? Are you feeling small and not worthy? Maybe this person is giving you the feeling he or she is just so kind to you, that you are allowed to hang around with him or her.

Again: Let it go! You don’t need such kind of people in your life. There are so many amazing persons out there, who make you smile and laugh and will be there for you in the good as in the bad times. People, who appreciate and love you for simply who you are. That are the people you need. It is better to spend more time on you own, then with the wrong people on your side.

3. Make positiv affirmations

Start to make a list with the title: What I like about myself? Take your time and be kind to yourself. At the end, when you finished the list cross the word “like” and make love out of it. Always when you are a bit down and think a bit to negative about yourself read it again. You even can put it on a place, where you see it every day, to remind yourself, how amazing you actually are.

4. Create your own Mantra

Create your own Mantra. Tell yourself instead of negative thoughts, for example, how beautiful you are, that you love and forgive yourself and that you deserve it to be happy.  There are not many things to do, to create your own Mantra. You can write it down, you can make a song out of it, you can make a piece of art or just simply keep it in your mind.  Try it out, it can work wonders, when you are again dwelling in self hate.

5. Meditate

The benefits of mediation are uncountable. It will help you to control your thoughts and to let just the good things in. Also it helps you with self-realization, where in the end is no more place for judgement at all, just your boundless beautiful being.







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