A thought on social media

I was sitting yesterday night together with my brother and we discussed social media. Actually we both are not really the Facebookuser, who let you know about breakfast, friend meetings, relationship status etc.

But maybe we should be. Maybe we should promote ourselves more. And I guess that’s exactly the point where we both back off. Even if we could use it, he with making music and me trying to help, that we all are more happy and recognize who we are. But promoting myself? That sound for me to much like ego games. Putting myself on a pedestal, look at me, I’m your Guru, I got all the solutions for you. Push my ego, push it! Nah. That would help no one and myself the most less I guess.

Our conclusion to that was to use it in a different way. We all can use social media in a good way. Not to promote our self, but simply share our life, our thoughts, our way, what helps us to live a happy and peaceful life. In that way we can help each other, make each other smile and grow our consciousness. It’s important to stay true with yourself and not living a online lie. For me on the yog way that’s meaning, I won’t tell you I’m waking up everyday for sunrise or eating every single day just healthy food, unless it is like that (And if you are wondering, it is not like that at the moment, even if it would be very yogic. I’m still happy and maybe a little more, because I allow myself to dwell in chocolate (; And at the end everything is yog).

So let’s use the internet and the social media in a good and true way, to truly connect with each other. Be who you are. Maybe the words what you write today, safe someone’s life tomorrow. At last we are all one.


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