A thought on social media

I was sitting yesterday night together with my brother and we discussed social media. Actually we both are not really the Facebookuser, who let you know about breakfast, friend meetings, relationship status etc.

But maybe we should be. Maybe we should promote ourselves more. And I guess that’s exactly the point where we both back off. Even if we could use it, he with making music and me trying to help, that we all are more happy and recognize who we are. But promoting myself? That sound for me to much like ego games. Putting myself on a pedestal, look at me, I’m your Guru, I got all the solutions for you. Push my ego, push it! Nah. That would help no one and myself the most less I guess.

Our conclusion to that was to use it in a different way. We all can use social media in a good way. Not to promote our self, but simply share our life, our thoughts, our way, what helps us to live a happy and peaceful life. In that way we can help each other, make each other smile and grow our consciousness. It’s important to stay true with yourself and not living a online lie. For me on the yog way that’s meaning, I won’t tell you I’m waking up everyday for sunrise or eating every single day just healthy food, unless it is like that (And if you are wondering, it is not like that at the moment, even if it would be very yogic. I’m still happy and maybe a little more, because I allow myself to dwell in chocolate (; And at the end everything is yog).

So let’s use the internet and the social media in a good and true way, to truly connect with each other. Be who you are. Maybe the words what you write today, safe someone’s life tomorrow. At last we are all one.


Surya Namaskar (The Sun Salutation)

A lot of people say, if you are not doing any physical exercise, but 5 to 10 minute daily Surya Namascar it’s already enough for having a healthy body. The benefits of this twelve Asanas are uncountable, but I will tell you for sure more about them. For now, see by yourself the change in your body and enjoy! 



1. Pranamasana (Prayer/Respect Pose)

Stand straight with your feet together, your tailbone in and the feet together. The eyes are closed. Slowly place your palms together in the Namaste pose. Take a moment to be grateful for the sun, the source of life.



2. Hasta Utthanasana (raised arms pose)

Release the Namaste pose and let your hands fall to you ties. With inhale you raise and stretch both arms above the head and finally bend the head, arms and the upper trunk backward.


3. Padahastasana (hand to foot pose)

With exhale bend forward until your fingers or palms touch the floor next to your feet. Bring your upper part of the body and your forehead as close as possible to your legs and keep the knees straight. If you can’t touch the floor, don’t worry you will after some time. Take it easy, Asanas are not a competition, it’s about to help yourself.


4. Ashwa Sanchalanasana (equestrian pose)

Stretch your right leg back, bend your left knee (please notice not to go over 90 degree angle with your knee, otherwise you will hurt it). The left foot remains in its position while the hands also do not change place but supporting the body. With inhale look as far as possible upward.


5. Parvatasana (mountain pose)

With exhale look take the right foot back, stretch you arms. The arms and knees are straight, raise your buttocks and bring your head and shoulders towards the knees. The heels should touch the ground, if that’s not directly the case, don’t worry, after a few rounds you already will see improvement.


6. Ashtanga Namaskar (salute with eight parts or points)

Hold your breath and drop your knees, chest and chin on the floor. Keep hands and feet in it’s place. If it’s not possible for you to drop all the body parts at the same time, start with the knees, then the chest and finally the chin.


7. Bhujangasana (cobra pose)

With inhale raise you head up and bend backward. The hands and feet remain in its positions. The hips will automatically touch the ground. Your navel should remain on the floor.


8.Parvatasana (mountain pose)

With exhale go back in Parvatasana (see introduction no. 5).


9. Ashwa Sanchalanasana (equestrian pose)

With inhale place your right foot now between your hands and look upward (see also introduction no.4).


10. Padahastasana (hand to foot pose)

With exhale take your left foot next to the right. The right foot and the hands remain in there positions if possible (see also introduction no. 3).


11. Hasta Utthanasana (raised arms pose)

With inhale raise again to Hasta Utthanasana (see introduction no. 2).


12.Pranamasana (Prayer/Respect Pose)

Exhale back to Pranamasana (see introduction no. 1) Take a moment time to get aware of the changes in the body.


This was a half round. The twelve Asanas of Surya Namascar are practiced twice to complete one round. The slightly difference for the second time is, that you take your left leg back instead of the right one in Ashwa Sanchalanasana (Position no. 4).  And same in Position no. 9, you step first with your left leg forward.

Start at the beginning with three full rounds and slowly raise the number of your rounds after one or two weeks, always to an uneven number.

Last but not least my inspiration and help for this article I got from the book Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha from Swami Satyananda Saraswati, as well my beloved husband, who made the pictures and his elder brother, who always encourage me in “stuff like this” (;  And of course my Yoga Teacher Trainer Rana Ji, who made always sure, we gonna learn the right and healthy posture. 

Meditation, Yog(a)

Rainy Season.

Quiet, still, timeless. I am in the love with the nature. I am grateful.

Now in the Monsoontime, I spend hours just watching the rain. After all the heat, car and human noise, now everything became quiet. It’s healing. Rishikesh, Northern India and the Ganga (Ganges) are laying in white clouds and fog. It is a time of recharging energy, the plants are growing and showing rich, lightgreen leaves. They are breathing, like we are. We are celebrating in silence and taking rest from the pollution, crowd and noise.

It’s the time of resettlement, it’s time to realize and focus. It’s time to breath, just breath. To be.

A few days ago I took a walk next to this amazing holy river Ganga. The water of the Ganga is very high, after the rain and it flows incredible fast. Still she’s quiet and washes all the dirt from the last year, without a word of judgment, away.

I spend half an hour sitting next to a temple on the water, watching the waves and bubbles. Watching sometimes a plastic bottle, sometimes a coconut going down the river, listening deeply to the teachings of nature.



5 Tips for more Selflove

Love yourself. Do you enjoy spending time with yourself? It’s the most important thing. How often do we push, punish and judge ourself?  You are the most important person in your life. It’s said before you don’t truly love yourself you are not able to love others.

So here are some tips and ways to see your own divine beauty.

1.  Forgive yourself

We all make mistakes. Actually they are really important. They help us to learn and grow and lead us to the right way. But how often do we judge and punish ourself for this mistakes? Even for the small things, we tell ourself, that we are lazy, not successful enough, dumb, ugly and much more.

Put an end to that. Yes you did a mistake. And it was meant to be. The best thing to do is now, to try your best to do it different the next time. There is no need to punish yourself again and again. Forgive yourself. It is alright to make mistakes. Nobody is perfect. Allow yourself this and then let the negative thoughts about yourself go. You are still beautiful and awesome.

2. Protect yourself

You choose with whom you surrounding yourself. Sometimes there are people in our life, who are just simply not good for ourself. They are sucking our positiv energy and letting us think we are doing everything wrong. There are so many ways of manipulation. Be aware! Is one person in your life always dragging you down, even when you felt good before? Are you feeling small and not worthy? Maybe this person is giving you the feeling he or she is just so kind to you, that you are allowed to hang around with him or her.

Again: Let it go! You don’t need such kind of people in your life. There are so many amazing persons out there, who make you smile and laugh and will be there for you in the good as in the bad times. People, who appreciate and love you for simply who you are. That are the people you need. It is better to spend more time on you own, then with the wrong people on your side.

3. Make positiv affirmations

Start to make a list with the title: What I like about myself? Take your time and be kind to yourself. At the end, when you finished the list cross the word “like” and make love out of it. Always when you are a bit down and think a bit to negative about yourself read it again. You even can put it on a place, where you see it every day, to remind yourself, how amazing you actually are.

4. Create your own Mantra

Create your own Mantra. Tell yourself instead of negative thoughts, for example, how beautiful you are, that you love and forgive yourself and that you deserve it to be happy.  There are not many things to do, to create your own Mantra. You can write it down, you can make a song out of it, you can make a piece of art or just simply keep it in your mind.  Try it out, it can work wonders, when you are again dwelling in self hate.

5. Meditate

The benefits of mediation are uncountable. It will help you to control your thoughts and to let just the good things in. Also it helps you with self-realization, where in the end is no more place for judgement at all, just your boundless beautiful being.






Meditation, Yog(a)


Thanks to the Universe. Thanks to the nature. Thanks to god. Thanks to what name it ever appears.

Even when we feel lost, when it seems our family and friends left us alone, even than I know you are taking care of us. People are coming and going. Sometimes it’s your best friend who’s giving you the advice what brings you forward, sometimes a totally stranger, you just met and sometime you’ll find the solution, listen silently, in yourself.

If everyone went away from us, it shows us that we lost our way. It is our challenge to turn around and listen to you, our heart, to find the way back in the right direction.  Thank you for that challenges, only that can let us grow.

We’re making mistakes, we don’t have to blame ourself for that. It’s part of a big learning process. Forgive yourself and love yourself, you’re already perfect and got the nameless knowledge. The universe is in yourself. Just take a look on the beauty and secrets of the human body. You are nature. You are god.

Take control over your mind, over your thoughts. You’re much more than that.

In love to everyone.


What is Yog(a)?

The word “yog” comes from the sanskrit, the language of ancient India. It means to join, to bind, to connect, to attach, to unite. The Hindiword for addition, “jod”, takes it’s origin from the sanskrit word “yog”, like as the english word “yoke” also does.

All these word are related to each other and I think everyone can get his own idea, what yog is.

So Yog is not just the physical pratice, known as Asan(a). This is just a part of it. Traditional was this physical practice used as preparation for meditation.

Yog in the traditional way was meant as a path to realize your true self, to “awake”, what leads to lasting happieness. It is about to balance the body, soul and mind, experiencing the non-duality, being free from pain and perpared for the challenges of life.

Yog inclueds what you’re eating and drinking, what kind of work you’re doing, what kind of thoughts you have, when you’re waking up and going to bed, how your spend your freetime and even how you breath. I just remeber a very good friend of mine, who used to say, whatever she does is yog.

“Paths are many, Truth is one.”


Why The Yog Way and not Yoga.

Well, it’s very easy.

Let’s take a look on the sanskrit word yog(a) in the original script, Devanagri (pronounced Devnagri).


This are two letters.

yo                        g

   yo                                      g


If it would be Yoga, than the second part of the word would look like that.




So the correct and original word is Yog. While I’m traveling and living in India I met a lot of people who told me, that it is actually yog. So I felt like to use the right ancient word.

Actually there are a lot of words, where kind of the same mistake was taken. Examples for that are Pranayam(a), Bandh(a), Moksh(a) or as we see in the second sentence of this post the word Dev(a)nagri.