Thanks to the Universe. Thanks to the nature. Thanks to god. Thanks to what name it ever appears.

Even when we feel lost, when it seems our family and friends left us alone, even than I know you are taking care of us. People are coming and going. Sometimes it’s your best friend who’s giving you the advice what brings you forward, sometimes a totally stranger, you just met and sometime you’ll find the solution, listen silently, in yourself.

If everyone went away from us, it shows us that we lost our way. It is our challenge to turn around and listen to you, our heart, to find the way back in the right direction.  Thank you for that challenges, only that can let us grow.

We’re making mistakes, we don’t have to blame ourself for that. It’s part of a big learning process. Forgive yourself and love yourself, you’re already perfect and got the nameless knowledge. The universe is in yourself. Just take a look on the beauty and secrets of the human body. You are nature. You are god.

Take control over your mind, over your thoughts. You’re much more than that.

In love to everyone.

What is Yog(a)?

The word “yog” comes from the sanskrit, the language of ancient India. It means to join, to bind, to connect, to attach, to unite. The Hindiword for addition, “jod”, takes it’s origin from the sanskrit word “yog”, like as the english word “yoke” also does.

All these word are related to each other and I think everyone can get his own idea, what yog is.

So Yog is not just the physical pratice, known as Asan(a). This is just a part of it. Traditional was this physical practice used as preparation for meditation.

Yog in the traditional way was meant as a path to realize your true self, to “awake”, what leads to lasting happieness. It is about to balance the body, soul and mind, experiencing the non-duality, being free from pain and perpared for the challenges of life.

Yog inclueds what you’re eating and drinking, what kind of work you’re doing, what kind of thoughts you have, when you’re waking up and going to bed, how your spend your freetime and even how you breath. I just remeber a very good friend of mine, who used to say, whatever she does is yog.

“Paths are many, Truth is one.”

Why The Yog Way and not Yoga.

Well, it’s very easy.

Let’s take a look on the sanskrit word yog(a) in the original script, Devanagri (pronounced Devnagri).


This are two letters.

yo                        g

   yo                                      g


If it would be Yoga, than the second part of the word would look like that.




So the correct and original word is Yog. While I’m traveling and living in India I met a lot of people who told me, that it is actually yog. So I felt like to use the right ancient word.

Actually there are a lot of words, where kind of the same mistake was taken. Examples for that are Pranayam(a), Bandh(a), Moksh(a) or as we see in the second sentence of this post the word Dev(a)nagri.